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Right timing is a matter of Perception

Digital transformation
Let’s see how SAP (Rise) is solving these new age problems of Optimization, Automation, Integration, Analytics, Collaboration, and Experience.

Digital Transformation, a quick search on this word in 2019 resulted in 500M results, today it is more than 4B. That shows the level of penetration of Digital Transformation across the enterprises.

Organizations are becoming desperate to see the results of their investments and In the name of agility, business units are getting empowered to pick and choose IT solutions that solve their problems. Build Vs Buy, a typical decision making for the manufacturing industry is finding its spot in IT decision across organizations. Today’s problems are different, organizations want to move beyond the core ERP solutions, and they want it fast. This quick rush to go beyond CORE is giving rise to new-age product companies platforming their offerings. The rise of “Intelligent Enterprise” is seen as an end goal.

The word “Intelligent Enterprise” appears in every quarterly result publication of organizations. So let’s understand what an Intelligent Enterprise means in the context. 6 key attributes that distinguish an ordinary enterprise from an Intelligent Enterprise

  • These organizations focus heavily on enhanced Customer as well as User Experience they can Collaborate with the eco-system in real-time
  • They play far better on Data Driven Decision making
  • Their internal systems are well integrated
  • Their processes are highly optimized
  • And finally, these organizations bring massive value by automating the core transactions.

If we pick up these keywords, the picture of an intelligent enterprise can be visualized as the one shown below. The focus is to go beyond Core….

SAP realized that today’s problems cannot be solved by yesterday’s solutions, and in the last decade, they are investing heavily in providing new-age solutions to customers. Journey beyond the CORE (S4) is taking an interesting twist by inducing real value leading to a higher level of digital maturity across the enterprises.

Let’s see how SAP (Rise) is solving these new age problems of Optimization, Automation, Integration, Analytics, Collaboration, and Experience.

  • At an optimization level, SAP has a brilliant solution – Signavio. Over years of execution, workflows become complex and this is the principle behind the SAP Signavio process transformation suite. The simplest and fastest way to capture end-to-end process reality and visualize bottlenecks
  • Pre-built BOTS in Rise BTP allows SAP users to automatically create sales orders from a PDF document, one of the many use cases the Bots are solving in Rise.
  • With 2000+ API and 160+ out-of-box SaaS connectors, Rise is helping SAP users to connect to any system that is running in the organization with bare minimum efforts
  • AppGyver, a true no-code development platform for building applications for all devices is already creating a buzz with the user community.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud is helping users make end-to-end decisions across the business in real time with built-in business intelligence and analytics.
  • And finally, the Business network component in Rise offers the visibility, collaboration, and intelligence across the supply chain that are essential to attain green growth. Supported by SAP Business Network, value networks can achieve sustainability goals much better than any company on its own.

If you look closely, SAP, with RISE has come up with a complete end-to-end solution to transform an organization from CORE to COLLABORATION.

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