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Nihilent and ServiceNow

Experience the dynamic synergy of our global consulting prowess and ServiceNow’s cutting-edge cloud computing platform. Our 500+ Design Thinkers and ServiceNow-experienced consultants collaborate to drive business transformation, optimizing processes through digitization and automation.

Stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced business landscape by leveraging our strategic partnership. Tap into our unrivalled expertise to navigate the ever-evolving realm of innovation, ensuring operational excellence and unlocking new heights of success. Embrace the future of business with Nihilent and ServiceNow as your trusted guides.

Unlock Personalized ServiceNow Solutions for
Enhanced ROI!

Experience the power of ServiceNow’s offerings with Nihilent on a single cloud platform, delivering digital workflows and enhancing work experiences across your enterprise. 

As strategic partners, Nihilent and ServiceNow combine their expertise to provide unique value propositions, including licenses, consultancy, and customised solutions. With our collaborative approach and deep understanding of your industry, we create tailored solutions that drive success.

Experience the full potential of your business with Nihilent and ServiceNow and achieve exceptional  ROI. 



In order to effectively align with your organizational strategy and drive transformation, it is essential to adopt a consultative approach that caters to your unique needs. At Nihilent, we have the expertise and experience required to help you achieve a successful transformation, regardless of the level of guidance you require.

Our approach is centred around delivering tangible outcomes and embracing design thinking principles, enabling us to provide immediate value to your organization. With our impartial perspective and extensive experience, we offer guidance that encompasses both technical aspects and industry-specific requirements. We closely work with stakeholders to fully understand their needs, ensuring that our deliverables align precisely with your requirements.

Additionally, we understand the importance of embedding new ways of working into your organizational culture to ensure the achievement of strategic goals and overall project success. Our team supports you in integrating these innovative practices, facilitating a seamless transition and long-lasting change within your organization.

Nihilent ServiceNow’s capabilities focus on accelerating the implementation process, achieving results in a concise time frame of three months or less. Our primary focus is on overcoming obstacles and delivering value promptly. Whether you need specialized expertise or aim to transform your business, our vast skills and experience on the Now Platform will assist you in achieving your objectives efficiently. Our comprehensive range of services, including automated deployment and testing, security and risk assessment, and upgrade compatibility reviews, enables you to implement, upgrade, optimize, and expand upon your investment. Through close collaboration with your team and aligning with your development approach, we instil confidence at every stage of the process. This approach guarantees tangible progress that can be observed and demonstrated, providing assurance and transparency throughout the project.

If you’re contemplating an upgrade from your outdated legacy system or seeking to enhance your current ServiceNow implementation with a more advanced platform, the Nihilent team of experts is ready to assist you every step of the way. As a trusted ServiceNow partner with a solid reputation, we specialize in various aspects of ServiceNow migration. Our comprehensive services encompass transitioning from legacy systems to modernized solutions and seamless upgrades.

At Nihilent, our utmost priority is delivering an exceptional user experience to our valued customers. With our reliable services and proven track record, we ensure that your journey towards a more advanced ServiceNow platform is smooth and successful.

Nihilent offers exclusive approaches for swiftly assessing your ServiceNow ecosystem, including processes and tooling. Through our comprehensive health check process, we uncover key findings and provide corresponding solutions. We understand that many organizations, especially those that have heavily customized or embraced ServiceNow early on, may face challenges in adapting and fully maximizing the advantages of the platform. Nihilent specializes in providing strategic recommendations to enhance performance, functionality, and user experience, enabling you to unlock the comprehensive benefits of the ServiceNow platform.

Nihilent offers highly secure global delivery centres and cutting-edge UX labs, bolstering our local and international capabilities. As your strategic partner, we provide end-to-end ServiceNow delivery, from process definition to system configuration. We excel in every aspect, including process definition, product selection, solution design, system configuration, and business change management. You can rely on us for comprehensive and steadfast support throughout your entire journey. Rest assured that with Nihilent as your partner, your organization will receive unparalleled service and expertise to drive successful ServiceNow implementation and achieve your desired outcomes. Count on our comprehensive support throughout your transformative journey.

Once the services are live, initiating an improvement phase becomes essential. The improvement phase assesses customer satisfaction and pinpoints areas needing enhancements and improvements. It often involves phasing out previous solutions and contracts to realize the anticipated benefits fully. With your objectives in mind and insights gained, Nihilent supports customers by recommending exploring and developing new use cases.

Nihilent offers comprehensive assistance for monitoring and maintaining your instance, aiming to optimize system performance and ensure seamless upgrades. Our range of services encompasses various essential tasks, including:

  1. Establishing a daily monitoring routine to ensure the health of your systems.
  2. Conduct thorough diagnostics to identify and address any errors in your systems.
  3. Investigating logs to gain insights into potential issues and take appropriate actions.
  4. Identifying and resolving slow-running jobs to enhance overall system efficiency.
  5. Tracking table growth to manage data scalability effectively.
  6. Reviewing slow queries to optimize database performance.

By leveraging Nihilent’s expertise in monitoring and maintenance, you can rest assured that your instance will operate smoothly, delivering consistent and reliable performance while mitigating potential disruptions.

Achieving digital excellence necessitates seamlessly integrating every facet of service delivery, encompassing operations, projects, performance, and planning. Our team possesses the complete knowledge and skills to establish a strong connection between your enterprise and ServiceNow. With extensive experience in unravelling complexity, Nihilent is equipped to streamline your processes efficiently. Moreover, our vast network of partners enables us to expedite realizing your desired outcomes. At Nihilent, our ServiceNow offerings empower you to connect with virtually everything through comprehensive and integrated solutions.

If you’re contemplating the digital transformation of a business process and find yourself uncertain about the best approach using the ServiceNow product suite, or if you need to digitize a process that ServiceNow does not currently support, you can be confident that ServiceNow offers a wide range of products and continuously expands its capabilities to streamline workflows for your business. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that ServiceNow may not address every requirement immediately. That’s where the Nihilent capabilities excel.

As a leading partner, Nihilent specializes in designing personalized workflows and solutions tailored to our client’s specific industry and business needs. With our expertise, we can deliver comprehensive end-to-end business processes that ensure the success of your transformation journey. Whether it’s through enhancing existing ServiceNow functionalities or developing entirely new solutions, Nihilent is dedicated to crafting customized approaches that align with your unique requirements. Rest assured that with ServiceNow’s diverse product offerings and Nihilent’s tailored solutions, you can confidently navigate your digital transformation journey, achieving efficient and effective workflows that drive your business forward.

Is your engineering team dedicating excessive time to the day-to-day management of ServiceNow? Our managed services offer an ideal solution if your organization is busy and seeking to prioritize transformation activities or lacks the necessary skillsets. Whether you need support for the core platform or customized workflows and applications, we guarantee their optimization and availability, enhancing the experience for employees and customers.

Nihilent’s flexible managed services provide the automation, monitoring, and support you expect from a reliable service provider. However, we surpass the basics by offering proactive services. These encompass workflow optimization, continual change management, upgrade assurance, and security assessments.

Recognizing that your support requirements may evolve into extended hours of support, we provide ongoing support tailored to your specific needs. You can scale up the level of assistance whenever you require additional support for your platform.

Are you looking to elevate your organization with a business solution but feeling uncertain about the development process? Look no further than ServiceNow App Engine. Designed to empower organizations, it enables you to reimagine your processes as digital workflows by creating customized workflow apps that seamlessly align with your employees’ work patterns. Take your workflows to new heights and craft solutions with exceptional user interfaces that your employees and customers will adore.

Our App Factory team possesses the expertise to develop these solutions using a combination of low-code and pro-code approaches tailored precisely to your unique requirements. We understand that businesses are always in the process of evolving, and our solutions are built to adapt and remain relevant as your organization grows.

We create applications and provide ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and continuous enhancement. Our dedicated team will help you optimize your apps and introduce new features over time while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Our team of ServiceNow instructors customizes training programs to align with your organization’s needs, providing comprehensive guidance to both IT and business users. Whether you prefer remote classroom training, detailed ‘how-to’ guides, or assistance for your in-house champions, our sole objective is to ensure that you maximize the benefits of ServiceNow, not just today but also in the future.

As an approved ServiceNow reseller, we possess the expertise to assist you in pinpointing the ideal solution for your organization.

As a prominent partner of ServiceNow, Nihilent possesses extensive industry insights and robust solutions to optimize operations, leading to remarkable customer achievements. Collaborating with us empowers your organization to deliver exceptional services aligning with your strategic goals. Discover how Nihilent can empower your business to thrive in a dynamic market by harnessing the power of ServiceNow. Reach out to our team today for more information.

Experience the power of ServiceNow’s Platform with Nihilent, delivering digital workflows and enhancing work experiences across enterprise

Why and How Nihilent and ServiceNow
Capabilities are Unique

Nihilent posses a unique set of ServiceNow capabilities that make us truly exceptional. Our offerings distinguish us as the notable choice. What sets Nihilent’s ServiceNow capabilities apart is our unwavering commitment to understanding and fulfilling our client’s need, extensive expertise in the field, and innovative and comprehensive approach to designing solutions. With a consistent record of delivering tailored and forward-thinking solutions, Nihilent empowers organisations to unlock the full potential of ServiceNow, thereby enabling operational excellence and fostering business success.

Experience the Nihilent advantage with:

  • Accelerate Execution with Lower Expenses: We can accomplish implementation tasks in under three months, sometimes even less. The implementation time drastically shrinks by utilising our extensive collection of template solutions.
  • Complimentary Customer Workshop: Nihilent offers a two-day free workshop for clients to interact with a pool of experts, ask pertinent questions, and gain interesting insights on the subject.
  • Pioneering Innovation: Nihilent thrives through innovation, pushing boundaries to unveil groundbreaking solutions. With a fusion of creativity and technical expertise, Nihilent empowers businesses to streamline processes and accelerate strategic goals.
  • Exceptional Global Expertise & Experience: Nihilent has the expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the entire ServiceNow platform and its leading products. We have a large pool of highly experienced SNOW consultants providing the best possible solutions to global customers.
  • Training and Change Management: Our team of change management specialists tailor training programs to match your organisations unique requirements perfectly, delivering inclusive guidance to IT professionals and business users.
  • Global Reach, Global Impact & Global Success: Nihilent excels globally with delivery centers and advanced UX labs strategically positioned in the US, South Africa, and India. We provide rapid and efficient ServiceNow deployment, support, and services, regardless of project size or location.

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