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Nihilent offers a unique set of value propositions and expertise in partnership with ServiceNow to deliver custom solutions, including licenses, consulting, turnkey solutions, and mobile applications.

Nihilent has partnered with ServiceNow to help businesses be more efficient. Using Nihilent’s ServiceNow capabilities, IT and business users can access workflows and Data seamlessly, enabling them to run their business successfully and address end-customer problems easily. Our 500+ Design Thinkers and ServiceNow-experienced consultants together are helping enterprises reap the benefits of the ServiceNow platform.

As part of the ServiceNow platform, Nihilent’s highly experienced consultants and Design Thinkers build industry-specific solutions in verticals such as banking & financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, and more.

Our ServiceNow Capabilities

 Digital Strategy Framework  IT Operations – ITSM, ITOM & CMDB

ServiceNow’s cloud platform helps increase productivity, streamline services, and achieve deep insights into your IT-business landscape. The world-class platform creates an agile, easy-to-use solution for IT managers to review in-depth dashboards, accelerate service delivery, and maintain compliance. The solutions enable users to improve and streamline operations and increase overall efficiency through monitoring capabilities. The ServiceNow platform allows to gauge the impact of a service outage in advance on the overall operations and helps detect and resolve the issues Read more

  • Consulting & Advisory services

  • Migration of legacy ITSM tools to the ServiceNow platform

  • IT asset management

  • Service integration and management

  • Process operations and service improvement

  • Technology platform implementation and CMDB set-up

  • Workflow & Process management

  • Application performance monitoring

  • Discovery and service mapping and process improvements

  • Application & infrastructure monitoring

  • Intelligent automation and Service orchestration

  • Cloud management & Event monitoring solutions

 Digital Strategy Framework   IT Business Management (ITBM)

The ITBM enables enterprises to drive their technology strategy to plan, organize, develop, analyze, and rationalize entire IT resources. In addition, we provide clear insights into all IT assets to recognize underlying costs and offers the best RoI. ROI.

  • Consulting & Advisory services

  • Design and Build services

  • Service Cost Transparency

  • Demand Management

  • Resource Management

  • Portfolio Management

 Digital Strategy Framework   Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD)

Employees expect a seamless experience irrespective of the work locations. ServiceNow HRSD provides an intelligent workflow to boost productivity by optimizing the employee service experience.

  • Consulting & Advisory services

  • Human resources case management

  • Payroll management

  • Platform expansion and user adoption solutions

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding

  • Human resources analytics

 Digital Strategy Framework   Customer Service Management (CSM)

Nihilent enables businesses with uninterrupted customer service workflows and service delivery experiences tailored to customers across any platform or device. ServiceNow-CSM is a suite of tools & workflows that helps track and manage all customer interactions in the best possible manner.

  • Security Incident Response (SIR)

  • Vulnerability Response

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Performance Analytics for Security Operations

 Digital Strategy Framework   Security Operations (SecOps)

Improve your cyber resilience and vulnerability management while speeding response times.

  • Consulting services & Advisory services

  • Design and build services

  • Business workflows mapping

  • Process harmonization and integration

 Digital Strategy Framework   Integrated Risk Management – GRC

Our ServiceNow-based integrated risk management solutions help organizations comply with external regulations, manage policy or compliance exceptions, assess and monitor risks, and mitigate controls. ServiceNow GRC helps create an integrated risk management framework that connects business, security, and IT combines on a single platform. The Nihilent ServiceNow-based security operations solutions give clear visibility into the security portfolio. In addition, they help global organizations integrate different security tools so IT, security, and business units can seamlessly collaborate. Utilizing ServiceNow- GRC businesses can also respond instantly to potential security breaches and vulnerability and minimize overall risks.

  • Consulting & Advisory services

  • IT security consulting & Advisory services

  • Solution design and implementation

  • User experience transformation

  • Security posture visibility

  • Platform support and CSI

  • Organization change management and training

  • Internal and external audit management

  • Compliance management

  • Business continuity management

  • End to end risk management, including third-party risk

 Digital Strategy Framework   NOW Platform App Engine

The Now Platform App Engine is the leading solution for building custom applications within the ServiceNow platform. We provide solutions for all custom app-related engagements, with a profound experience in designing, developing, and implementing Service Management solutions for all industry verticals.

  • Consulting & Advisory services

  • Business workflow automation

  • Vertical solutions on pre-packaged products

  • Core industry-specific solutions

  • Non-standard process automation in industries

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